DragonFly Eye Ltd. was created in 2018 at the hands of three entrepreneurs with a keen eye for photography and business. Beginning as an extension from a photography background we set out with the goal to revolutionize the world of real estate. Using a sophisticated camera called Matterport, the DragonFly team can capture, render and produce elaborate and extremely detailed 3D virtual tours. Starting with homes and contacts made through the real estate industry the company has grown. DragonFly now caters to a multitude of industries including industrial, commercial and residential. From 2,000 square foot homes to 200,000 square foot auction houses no project is too big or too small for our team of highly trained surveyors.

Our services give viewers the ability to virtually travel through your building at a touch of a button. Accessible through any platform (phone, tablet, laptop etc.) all rendering is hosted on a cloud program, meaning potential customers don’t need to download anything to view the building. Simply click on the link open the virtual tour and start exploring.

As we continue to grow our business we are always innovating and looking for new ways to cater our services to best fit what our customers need. One of the new technologies we offer is the ability to create a 3D “Dollhouse” of your building. To create this effect, we systematically work our way through your building being careful to capture everything in the scope. Then, using a special software, we digitally map a floor plan for each level of the building and in turn create a glass wall effect that is the footprint for the house.

What We Do

Our company provides exceptional service in the field of residential and commercial photography. With our 360° camera, we are able to take multiple photos of a space and create beautiful, high functioning models of any building. We work on small condo apartments, stores, large museums, auction houses, universities and arenas. Our technology is so advanced that we are among the first companies in Canada to use virtual reality to create walk through tours for any buildings. Perfect for website showcases or online real estate galleries. Using the high levels of detail our Matterport camera can produce, your clients will be able to move through the building as if they were there in person.